Learning Consultant, Online Coach, Listening Trainer

      Susanne Conrad



My name is Susanne Conrad. Welcome to my digital business card.


As a Learning Consultant I invite you to step out of the 'either-or' and to connect the two worlds of analogue and digital spaces. It is not the analogue or the digital space that shapes us. Its us shaping the space. Virtual (Learning) spaces can be highly efficient and effective and they can be deep and meaningful - if they are crafted with skill and a certain mindset.


As a certified Online Coach I work with you on private or professional challenges, with a variety of digital formats, online and offline, wherever you are located right now.


My deep passion is listening. Listening is an art, a science and a skill. How exactly does it work and what are the potential benefits? As a Listening Trainer  I support you or your team, in your private or professional context, to discover the world of listening and experience its transformative power for people, teams and organisations.